Access Your Policy On-Line

Access Your Policy On-Line 24/7!

You can set up a log on ID and password and be able to:

  • Make a payment
  • View policy documents
  • View and print ID Cards

Some of the sites give you the capability to:

  • Go paperless
  • View billing details (invoices, recent activity, etc)
  • Set up and manage your automatic payments
  • Manage your credit card and banking information

Here is a list of the various websites:

AAA Insurance –
Alfa Insurance –
ASI (Progressive Home Insurance) –
Auto Owners Insurance –
Dairyland Insurance –
Foremost Insurance –
Grange Insurance –
Nationwide (Titan) –
Progressive –
Safeco Insurance –
Travelers Insurance –
Just access the website and click the LOG IN button.  You will get the option to set up your account.  In all cases you will need your policy number to register. 

You may call the company directly with billing questions or to make a payment.
AAA:  1-877-44-MY-AAA (1-877-446-9222) (No fee.)
Alfa:  1-877-384-7466 ($5.00 Convenience Fee)
ASI (Progressive Home Insurance): 1-866-274-8765
Auto-Owners:  1-800-346-0346 ($8.00 Convenience Fee)
Dairyland:  1-800-334-0090 (No fee.)
Foremost:  1-800-532-4221
Grange Insurance: 1-800-422-0550 Ext. 2369 or automated 24 hour 1-800-425-1100  (No fee.)
Nationwide (Titan):  1-800-888-8424 (No Fee.)
Progressive Insurance: 1-800-876-5581 (No Fee.)
Safeco Insurance:  1-800-332-3226 (No Fee.)
Travelers:  1-800-842-5075 (No Fee.)